According to science any object cannot be erected at 90 in the water but in my view I am sure that various kinds of yogas can be performed easily in water at 90.
According to our Hindu Mythology Vashudeva came across the Yamane River by lifting up Lord Krishna in his hand. And he did this great work by walking in the Yamuna. This act inspired me and I eagerly started performing Yoga in water successfully. Now, standing, walking, and running in water is as easy as easy to me as walking on the Earth. not only this I can also shoot with gun and can lift the weight of limited quantity Except this I can also make Shish shaiyya like lord Krishna and state of Lord Vishnu.
Along with this there are some more kinds of Asana as Padasana, Swasana and Brijasana Kukkut Asana etc. That can be performed easily in water. Specially Namaskar at 90 attention state, Gymnast by one foot and to kiss our two feet by making a state of 90.
As I have already said that we should not be afraid of water. We can rest, run and walk in it. But an important thing is that we must have a firm determination. Swimming and yoga in water is a science. It gives human being a vital energy and sound health.

•    Performing Yogas in water gives us a sound concentration.
•    Swimming in water helps us to increase our height.
•    Yoga in water gives us enormous power and vital energy.
•    Yoga in water increases our resistance against diseases and people move towards betterment.
•    All the diseases regarding bones can be cured doing Yoga in water.

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Yoga In Water

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