• In near future I am planning to establish Yoga in water Training Centre in Satna City and across India. People can get this facility in less cost and in minor time.

Note : 
  • If Indian Govt.is proposing me to train Indian commandoes and army soldiers to train them how to fire, run and walk in water, I would always be ready to provide this honorable job for the sake of my country.
  • If any Indian citizen wants to learn yoga, I shall be fully devoted to teach him free of cost.
  • Conditions There are certain conditions to teach this yoga in foreign countries. If they fulfill all the, I shall also provide them this facility with moral obligation and full devotion.

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Yoga In Water

जल योग

जय गुरुदेव नाम प्रभू का -  को समर्पित 
Dedicated to - Jai gurudeo nam prabhu ka

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जलयोग गुरु लक्ष्मी यादव   Master of Yoga(Laxmi Yadav)